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Preparing Your Team for Your Company’s Future

Change and preparation for growth may start at the top with a CEO’s recognition and vision—but it doesn’t happen there. Change happens in the middle, by managers who know how to engage both workers and teams. These managers, trained in how to instill accountability, encourage collaboration and foster empowerment, can be effective in implementing strategy and in establishing a process for sustained success.

How We’ve Helped:

When Half the Senior Staff Resigns

This summer, a CEO in an extremely volatile industry received resignations from three of his key six Senior Managers in a period of three weeks (two with no notice). After confirming that there were “no more shoes to drop”, my client told the whole Company exactly what had happened and was able to mitigate any overall company concern. Then, we called in the next level of Managers—former subordinates to the three– and explained that they’d each have an excellent opportunity to step up to the challenge and to take on larger role.

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About Marty
A Track Record of Success

Former senior executive and college professor Marty Rogoff works with clients to ensure that everyone from the CEO to the front-line manager has the skills necessary for the organization to grow and change. Through a program of workshops and one-on-one coaching, individual managers become more proactive, employees become more engaged, and teams become more productive.   His articles have been published in Chain Store Age, Currents and the Central  Pennsylvania Business Journal.
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