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Monthly Archives: October 2015

I know where I want this company to go. Do my managers have the skills to get us there?

That is THE question. Managers in companies at which growth and change have never occurred may not—or may—be equipped with the ability to manage “at the next level.” For example, can he or she keep the team motivated and focused during anxious times? Can he or she attempt to get staff buy-in before initiating change? These and other questions can be answered with assessments and interviews…followed by the necessary training to fill the knowledge gaps.

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Why do we come up with great ideas and strategies — and then nothing ever happens?

This is a question that a client asked a few months ago, and it’s not an uncommon one. Without actions and execution, how many strategic plans end up in binders […]

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I promoted the managers because they were great workers. Can they be good managers?

Maybe. Management ability isn’t innate; it’s learned, like any other behavioral skill. Yet, 50% of new managers report that they received no training before assuming the role. We don’t allow […]

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To develop effective teams, I don’t have to do that ‘zipline-in-the-woods’ stuff, do I?

No, but that would be fun. Outdoors aside, real team building happens when the members learn how to collaborate. This includes learning how to run meetings, to align responsibilities, to […]

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Our monthly meetings have become meaningless, but I don’t know another way to communicate.

One of the biggest errors senior management makes is in thinking that communication happens all at once. Just because you say or write something doesn’t mean anyone in your organization […]

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