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Is that dusty folder your Strategic Plan?

Wait. What is that on the bookshelf? Is that…your Strategic Plan? 

Too many Strategic Plans sit, dustily, on your bookshelf. What a waste. Whoever helps you write the plan needs to stick around for at least the beginning of the implementation. What Tactics come from the Strategies? What Actions come from the Tactics? Who will be responsible for each Action…and when is each due (please–no “ongoing”, which means “we kind of do it often but don’t hold us to it, ok”)?  What are the goals for the first quarter…and the next few quarters?

You didn’t just buy the plan; you bought the change that can only come from implementation and accountability. Planning, talking and filing away certainly isn’t enough; your team worked too hard on it. Make your strategic goals into a comprehensive, understandable and accountable action plan.