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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How do I avoid having to be involved in every decision?

Time is just one more asset that you cannot afford to waste, and you making little decisions means that no one is making big ones. But what do you really want, and why is this happening? Are you micro-managing for control, or are you forced to cover for weak managers…or both (the classic chicken-and-egg)? Through team development that includes the CEO or Senior Executive, we can work through an actual work problem and zero in on why you “have to be involved.”

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Why is ‘Employee Engagement’ such a big deal?

Engagement occurs when an employee is committed to his/her organization’s goals and values , and actively is involved with the company’s success, both contributing to the employee’s self-esteem. According to Gallup, employee disengagement–the relationship between an organization and its employees–was measured at 70%. Gallup estimated that disengaged employees were “more likely to steal from a company, negatively influence coworkers, miss work, and to drive customers away.” All Managers can learn and coached on how to better engage their employees. See my blog article for more on Employee Engagement.

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The Managers have quarterly goals. Isn’t that enough to motivate them?

Well, in a word…no. Are you motivated about something because you might be praised in 3 months?

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How do I hold my subordinates accountable without being a tyrant?

One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. When you say “tyrant,” you probably mean yelling and “my way or the highway.” Accountability—understanding how an employee will be measured and judged is something each wants; it leads to engagement and accomplishment. The steps to reach true accountability, which include writing (together) clear roles and responsibilities—can be learned and coached.

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