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Lessons from the Battlefield

Last week I walked “In the Footsteps of Leaders,” the leadership course run at (and on!) the Battlefield by the Gettysburg Foundation. It was probably the best program of its sort in which I ever participated.

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Management Succession Starts at the….Bottom

Management succession at all levels needs to be as critical to an organization as bench strength is to a sports roster.

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Us vs. Them

“We work weekends and more hours than home office employees. They’re gone by 5 pm.”  “There’s no discipline in the field. Those guys get away with everything.”   Headquarters vs. the Field. Manufacturing vs. Sales. Buyers vs. Stores.  In every industry in which I’ve been a part, there has been at least some of an…

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Organizational Anxiety Starts at the Top

Almost two-thirds of employees believe that they experience job stress, which affects their engagement and productivity. It’s not a right-or-wrong statement; if they believe it is true, then it is.

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Build your future leadership team…NOW

Every company we speak to is concerned with losing, finding and keeping good managers. When there’s an opening, Senior Managers immediately want to rush to fill those org chart boxes by posting the job on line, or by engaging a search firm. But maybe they shouldn’t rush. Recently, we began to challenge clients to think about these…

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