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A Labor Market Correction?

It’s just too easy and lazy to say “people don’t want to work”, or “they’re sitting home getting paid.”

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Or, I could just trust the employees to do their jobs

Mutual trust in the manager-employee relationship is critical to productivity, and one of the keys to employee engagement. This issue could not be more salient right now.   “How to […]

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Lessons from the Battlefield

Last week I walked “In the Footsteps of Leaders,” the leadership course run at (and on!) the Battlefield by the Gettysburg Foundation. It was probably the best program of its sort in which I ever participated.

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Management Succession Starts at the….Bottom

Management succession at all levels needs to be as critical to an organization as bench strength is to a sports roster.

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Us vs. Them

“We work weekends and more hours than home office employees. They’re gone by 5 pm.”  “There’s no discipline in the field. Those guys get away with everything.”   Headquarters vs. […]

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