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Turning a Plan into Action

“How does our Strategic Plan actually…happen?” This is a question that a client in York, PA, asked a few weeks back, and it’s not an uncommon one. The CEO believed that he had the right goal, but little seemed to be getting accomplished. Jack Welch said “…strategy is straightforward. Pick a general direction and then […]

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Organizational Anxiety Starts at the Top

Almost two-thirds of employees believe that they experience job stress, which affects their engagement and productivity. It’s not a right-or-wrong statement; if they believe it is true, then it is.

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Five Reasons to Focus on Your Newest Managers

Management ability isn’t innate; it’s learned, like any other behavioral skill. Yet, 50% of new managers report that they received no training before assuming the role. We don’t allow a new employee to run a machine or to enter data without training; should employees who are new to management be treated any differently? Here’s why new managers are worth more time and attention.

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Improving Supervisory Performance

A supervisor has two employees who perform poorly and are resistant to change. Because he hasn’t been trained in communications or coaching, rather than dealing with the problem head on, he complains about them and just tries to avoid them. Performance doesn’t improve.

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Improving the Effectiveness of Training

“If we’re spending all this money on training, why aren’t we seeing better results?”

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