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Organizational Anxiety Starts at the Top

Almost two-thirds of employees believe that they experience job stress, which affects their engagement and productivity. It’s not a right-or-wrong statement; if they believe it is true, then it is.

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Build your future leadership team…NOW

Every company we speak to is concerned with losing, finding and keeping good managers. When there’s an opening, Senior Managers immediately want to rush to fill those org chart boxes by […]

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Managing “Like an Owner”

Recently, I attended a terrific conference in Hershey of the ESOP Association, an organization dedicated to the success and growth of employee-owned companies. Much of the conversation, and many of the workshops, were focused on how we need to teach employees how to “act and behave like owners”…

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Management Development and Succession

You know where you’d like the company to be in 3-5 years.  But who will take it there? The current leaders are getting older, and there’s not much of a […]

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Succession Planning Needs Strategic Planning First

Where will your company be in 3-5 years, and who will be running it? Succession planning needs to start with strategic planning. First, ask: Where do you want to be in […]

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