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Good Managers >>Employee Engagement>> $$$

The Bad News: A Gallup survey found that lack of employee engagement costs American businesses about $500 billion in productivity each year.

The Good News: The survey also found that a huge part of the solution is in your company right now: your Managers.  In fact, the employee’s relationship with his/her direct manager accounts for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores. 

Why should we care?

Engaged vs. Disengaged

(survey of 50,000 business units, 1.4 million employees)

Customer ratings         +10

Profitability                   +20

Productivity                    +21

Turnover                         -45

Safety incidents             -44

Shrinkage (theft)            -28

Absenteeism                  -37

Quality (defects)             -41

Oh, yeah…and  50% of Managers have never been trained how to manage !

So, can your Managers engage employees?  Think about how your managers would rate in his/her ability to:

  1. Help the employee to develop time and action calendars complete with milestones and follow-up
  2. Delegate responsibilities in order to foster a subordinate’s development and growth
  3. Give structured and meaningful one-on-one performance meetings
  4. Create an environment in which the employee can take risks and fail
  5. Keep the team motivated and focused during anxious times
  6. Communicate about what happens in employee’s life outside of work
  7. Attempt to get staff buy-in before initiating change
  8. Coach performance in a way that the employee is motivated to improve
  9. Create an environment of open communication in which employees feel safe
  10. Communicate daily—or almost daily-with each employee