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Management Development and Succession

You know where you’d like the company to be in 3-5 years.  But who will take it there?

  1. The current leaders are getting older, and there’s not much of a “bench.” Who will take over when (not if!) key employees and leaders retire?
  2. Employees with good potential are leaving. What career path is there for employees–especially the younger ones—to stay?
  3. The owner(s) may want to sell the company. Is the buyer going to be impressed with management team that he/she will inherit?


We can help you with management development and succession–that “other” side of Human Resources, often one for which an HR Department burdened with compliance, payroll, turnover and benefits work may not have bandwidth.

We work with senior management to identify and train the company’s next leaders by building a leadership pipeline system. Our process begins with identifying the knowledge, skills and behavior necessary to lead that future organization, and then, ensuring that selected managers are being developed to fill those needs and those roles.  

Make your employees of today the organizational leaders of tomorrow.